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I want to get you information that helps you get better, quickly. I've worked with the world's best instructors and trainers, and I want to give you a "minimum effective dose" of the very best information that's helped me be successful. 

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I get asked for swing tips, golf fitness exercises, and speed training advice all the time. Unfortunately, I don't have time to take on everyone as a client - but I still want to help.

I know that with the right information, you can improve rapidly.

This is the right information.

No matter who your instructor is, you need the ability to self diagnose and to be your own coach. 

This is what these courses are about - getting you the right information so you can improve. 

Load to Launch Free Driver Course

Learn how to load powerfully  in the back swing, and swing the golf club like an athlete! 

You have power and speed in you right now that you are not using. 

Start swinging like an athlete, and you'll be amazed at the results.

Learn About Load to Launch

Steep to Shallow Driver Course

 The vast majority of amateur golfers struggle with a slice, or hit a spinning, weak fade with the driver. It's no fun getting out driven by your buddies. Start hitting the longest, straightest drives of your life by learning to use the speed you already have.


Learn About Steep to Shallow

Driver 101

The modern driver is designed to launch the ball high, with low spin. Iron and wedge shots need big spin rates to elevate, and land softly. 

These shots are obviously different.

Yet, I see a countless number of amateurs losing 20-30 yards because they hit their driver just like an iron. If you've ever been told that hitting the driver is just like hitting an iron, or that there is "one" golf swing, this is the course for you.

Many people struggle with the driver because they don't "operate" it like it is designed. In this course, we are going to look at how you can optimize your driver, taking advantage of technology, to hit the longest and straightest drives of your life.

Learn About Driver 101

Golf Strength and Power Training 

Learn the fundamentals of effective strength and power training for golfers and rotational athletes from World Long Drive Champion Justin James.

Learn About Strength & Power

I want to help you make distance easier


I've lived "power" for nearly my entire life. I've helped others fix their slice, add speed, and learn to train for power. And I just don't talk about it. These aren't theories - these techniques are proven by the longest hitters in the world.