Justin James -  World Long Drive Champion

A Leader in Power and Distance

“Justin James is a World Long Drive Champion, Titleist Performance Institute Certified Power, Golf and Fitness Coach, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Weck Method Qualified Coach. After completing a career in professional baseball with the Toronto Blue Jays minor league system in 2013, Justin went on to become the head golf coach at Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville Florida, before launching his long drive career in 2016 and earning bronze in his first appearance at the World Long Drive Championship. Justin would win the World Title the year after, becoming world number one from 2017-2019. Justin is a world renowned rotational power specialist, coaching with the Titleist Performance Institute, Golf Mind and Body, and has been featured in publications such as Golf Digest and The Golf Channel. Justin lives in Jacksonville, Florida with his wife, Ashleigh and three children.

Career Highlights:

2023 WLD Player of the Year

2023 WLD CT Champion

2023 WLD Hobe Sound Champion

2022 WLD Championship 3rd 

2021 WLD Championship Runner Up

2020 PLDA Player of the Year

2018 TN Big Shots Champion 

2017 World Champion 

2017-2019 World #1

How Power Coaching Works: 

Distance off the tee comes from 3 areas: 

1) Efficiency of the Golf Swing

 - There is no one way to swing a golf club, but there are inefficiencies that absolutely kill power. Our goal is to create a an athletic move that doesn't put a governor on speed

2) Equipment 

 - Equipment is the "easy button" when looking for distance. You don't have to have the latest and most expensive model, but you do need an equipment setup that matches what you're trying to do with your swing, and that produces ballistics conducive to distance.  

3) An athletes "engine" 

 - No matter how efficient one's swing is, or how expensive their driver, if they lack "horsepower," it's going to be difficult to produce speed. We optimize an athlete's engine in 3 ways: 

 1) Movement & Efficiency Training 

 2) Strength & Stability Training

 3) Power & Speed Training 

 The Result:

  By consistently chipping away at these three areas, we end up with huge gains. I know how to do it, and I want to help you hit the longest drives of your life. 

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