Virtual Courses


Load to Launch 

Load to Launch will get you started on the right path to power. Focusing on the backswing and proper loading, this free course will teach you how to load properly and powerfully. 

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The "Ins and Outs" of the Driver

If you think the driver is like any other club in the bag, you're wrong. Driver 101 will show you the intricacies and differences in hitting the driver, and how to optimize your tee shots for more distance and accuracy. 

Steep and Over the Top?

Most golfers struggle with the driver because they are steep, over the top, and twist early in transition. If this is you, you know how frustrating hitting the driver can be - it's nearly impossible to hit the ball long and accurately when your swing is broken. Let me help you fix it. 

Golf Fitness

Don't you want your gym time to be productive? Anyone can work out and burn calories; but we want a training program that's productive and actually helps us create club head speed and distance. Created in conjunction with the Titleist Performance Institute, this course will optimize your gym time.