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Strength and Power Training for Golf

"Build a More Powerful Engine"

If you’re looking to increase distance off the tee, you can address three areas; swing technique, equipment, and the amount of power you can physically produce. This course was created for power! Join World Long Drive Champion Justin James as he demonstrates the exercises and training techniques he uses daily to generate some of the highest ball speeds ever recorded in long drive competition.

Training to increase power in the golf swing is much more than simply lifting weights, getting in shape or swinging fast. As a world-renowned rotational power specialist, Justin knows how to translate the science behind training for strength, power and speed into exercises specifically designed to unlock your potential to move the club faster in the golf swing. As our friend Gray Cook likes to say, “a workout without a goal is just a random activity with a positive side effect.” If you’ve been “working out” without seeing meaningful results and want to know how to train specifically to hit the ball further, then this is the course for you!

What you'll get:

  • Lifetime access 
  • My personal drills, exercises and protocols. These are the techniques and routines I actually use!
  • A pathway to improvement. These techniques WILL increase your club head speed. 

Stop "working out" and start training. Simply going to the gym or "working out" isn't going to get your faster. It takes a training program with intention, intensity and specificity. This course will show you how!